ShaderLab is a friendly online GLSL Shader live-editor based on Codemirror that targets for rapid development and flexibility concerning a variety of inputs to be used as shaders uniforms, allowing the Shader developer to create interactive Shaders that reacts to multiple audio-visual input sources. For those unfamiliarized with this type of technology, it is like a CodePen (or JSFiddle) for Shaders Development and 3D WebGL Projects.

ShaderLab is in its early development stages, and many important features will be implemented in a near future. However, it is fully functional for production right now. It is widely compatible with other shader development tools as ShaderToy, GLSLSandbox and glslEditor, and it counts with a library creator and explorer to store and work on shaders developed with it.

Besides being a real-time online programming tool, it serves me well as a portfolio to show the Shaders I create to use on my other WebGL Projects.

ShaderLab was built based on Mr. Doob's work on GLSLSandbox (Mr. Doob is the creator of ThreeJS - a lightweight 3D JavaScript library - and his work is remarkably important for WebGL developers).