I’m a Software Developer currently living in São Paulo, Brazil, with more than a decade of experience using technology in many fields, such as Software Development, Systems Administration, Marketing and Advertising and even Financial Market. Throughout all those years exploring my passion concerning technology, I had the pleasure to attend to several personal, professional and corporate endeavors which brought me to my current acquaintance in my career. I am married, and a proud father.

Current Tech Projects

If you're a recruiter or a talent headhunter, I'll assume that in order to save your valuable time, you may want to see my recent programming accomplishments right away. You can find some of my most recent Projects on the > Projects < section of my website which contains my 2018 Portfolio, but I'll also keep this following list of cool stuff updated:

WebGL Projects
  • I'm currently creating a lot of WebGL projects to explore new ways of interactive (and even artistic) communication through plugins-free and platforms-independent web browsers, in order to create totally innovative user experiences and sensations, like:
    • ShaderLab - an online real-time code editor, which is the best tool available on the market to quickly prototype GLSL Shaders with real-time preview. ShaderLab is already being used by dozens of WebGL Developers and Game Developers for quick shaders prototipation;
    • Plexus-Shaders - recently featured by Google at the Experiments with Google website (which is a super high-level exposition, curated by Google, showing the most innovative creations and experiences available on web browsers). Plexus-Shaders is a tech demo that shows how 3D models and environments can be combined with audio-reactive post-processing effects in a totally interactive user experience, by using cutting edge techniques with JavaScript and Three.JS. The same technology can be used for sophisticated data visualization, high-end user interfaces and even interactive showrooms focused on marketing and detailed products visualization;
    • MengerTrip - a WebGL tech demo with procedural and interactive creation of three-dimensional complex objects based on a mathematical algorithm, with post-processing effects;
    Those, and many other projects, can be found on my 2018 Portfolio, at the Projects section of my website.
Sysadmin Tools
  • I love writing tools to facilitate life on Linux Terminal Environments, like my recent Networking Tool: Improved Netstat (which works also as an interesting monitoring daemon to use on graphical environment if combined with tools like Conky);
  • ... and Like Color_Ansi_RGB, a minimalistic library to handle colors and color conversions (RGB to ANSI and vice-versa) with Python.


Tech Consultant

January 2014 - Present
MgzMe, São Paulo

Acting as an autonomous consultant and SysAdmin, I've been working mostly as Linux System Administrator taking care of: servers overall administration and security optimization, virtual machines management, task automation using bash scripting and python, and deploying and configuring linux servers and applications using Docker, Nginx, MySQL, PHP-fmp, WUSGI, Twisted, as well as performance optimization (proper indexing, profiling, setting up reverse proxies and load-balancers, and generally diagnosing pain performance points) for my clients.

Community Manager & Programming Manager

January 2012 - October 2013
Machinima, Los Angeles

Working at Machinima I’ve had the great opportunity to lead an extremely successful advertisement campaign for Sony, overachieving my contractor's expectations by helping them to internationally strengthen the Playstation brand and to gear up its community of consumers and content creators.

At this position, I was responsible for Community Management, Programming Management and Social Media Management, engaging, motivating and orchestrating three in-house teams and more than 60 of the most influential and respected local content creators. Together, we proudly achieved more than three hundreds of thousands of followers to the brand new social media profiles created exclusively for this project in less than 3 months of execution. Besides all the Marketing skill set required to accomplish this vast challenge, my Technology skill set proved itself valuable and indispensable. Tech tools and technologies we used throughout the project: Jira (project management), Sorenson Squeeze (pipeline video transcoding), and many self-written Python tools (to gather and analyze data about our local gaming-related content production market).

Automated Stock Trading

January 2006 - December 2011
Market: BM&FBovespa, São Paulo

By working with Automated Stock Trading I've had the opportunity to discover and learn technologies to analyze the market and negotiate future contracts automatically using self-written algorithms.

Content Production and Video Making

January 2012 - Present

Since 2012, I've been a member of the YouTube community amassing a considerable audience around my channel. As a more personal side of my Social Media activities, I've been creating videos on my spare time and exploring my second greater passion besides technology: communicating. Over those 6 years, I gladly achieved about 340 thousands followers by sharing my life experiences and personal values. This Internet presence also expands to Twitter, where I have 177 thousand followers, and Instagram, with 19 thousand followers.

Skills & Proficiency


Python, JavaScript ECMAScript 6, C#

Frameworks & Runtimes

Django, .NET WPF, Bootstrap, ThreeJS, PixiJS, Phaser, BabylonJS, Node, and others...

Web and Web APIs

HTML5, CSS3, Web Audio, Web Sockets.


ThreeJS, PixiJS, Phaser, BabylonJS, GameMakerStudio 2.0, Unity, Pure Awesome straight GLSL =D

Specific Tools

Unity Engine, Game Maker Studio 2.0, Blender, Photoshop.

I'm glad to say that I also know a lot of Linux and System Administration.